Advantages of Law as a Profession

Advantages of Law as a Profession
Tuesday, Feb 08, 2022
Suny Virk

Have you ever wondered what some of the most influential leaders in modern history have in common?

They were all lawyers.

Don't take my word for it. Google ccprofessions studied for leaders of countries or heads of state. Paul Martin, John Diefenbaker, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Nelson Mandella, Tony Blair, Kim Cambell, Xi Jinping  - all studied law or were lawyers.

It’s an impressive list and a bit surprising as well.

If you discover the world of law and see the traits that the most successful lawyers have, you wouldn't be so shocked.

Here are the benefits of becoming a lawyer in today's law-driven society:

1. Trained Leaders:

Lawyers are born leaders.


Public speaking is a must-have skill for most lawyers. They can advocate by writing effective speeches and convincing people on particular policy issues.  Accordingly, lawyers know how to influence people around them. Essentially, if a lawyer doesn't possess persuasion skills, he can't win a case in the Courtroom.

Speaking of laws, lawyers are well versed in them so they abide by them strictly. They generally associate with those who follow laws as well.  Such traits make them ideal leaders and some of the most successful world leaders.

Lawyers are also trained to help people out of difficult situations. They have the ability and a keen eye to find solutions to challenging problems.

2. Excellent Debaters:

If you loved debating in school, then you will love being a lawyer.  Lawyers debate almost every day in the courtroom. They don't give up on arguments quickly, they use logic as their most powerful tool. Criminal defense lawyers or any lawyers for that matter build their arguments based on logic.

If you love to debate with people or just like a good argument to discuss, then becoming a lawyer may be the career for you.

3. Rewarding Career:

If financial freedom is your goal, you will love being a lawyer.  It is one of the most rewarding careers with your income increasing over time.  The greater the experience; the greater the lawyer’s fee.

The average salary for lawyers in Canada is $99,192 per year or about $50 per hour. If you are starting out, you can expect to earn about $75,000 annually. Experienced lawyers take home much more, easily in the six figures. On average, it takes a lawyer 10-15 years of experience and good performance to become a partner at a large law firm.  It takes about half the time if you are in a smaller firm.

4. The Law Dictates Your Daily Routine:

We are living in a law-driven society. Every day we come across so many situations where we need to be aware of the governing laws.

For example,

  • Driving our car - we must know the traffic rules
  • Getting married - we must know that there are licensing requirements 
  • Burying a loved one - we must obtain the death certificate in order to settle their affairs
  • Having a baby - we must obtain a birth certificate

These are a few examples of everyday situations in our lives where we should know the laws and the legal actions to take if required.  As a lawyer, you will either have the knowledge or the skills to find out what is required.  There will be countless times when you will be called upon by your friends and family to assist them from a legal perspective by solving their everyday issues.

Daily routine makes it difficult for people to memorize all the laws, but oddly enough,  it is presumed that all people know the law.  There are times when life becomes difficult. For example, in a domestic situation, one may raise their hand toward their partner. Technically, this would be an assault. That is why people seek the services of an assault lawyer when the police come knocking on their door to charge them with a criminal offense.

5. Intellectual Thought Process:

When you start studying law, you will see a lot of changes in yourself.  Why?  This is because studying and practicing law is all about critical thinking and logic building.

You learn to solve complex problems, finding solutions in situations where it seems no possible solution is available.  You can also start to spend a lot more time reading and writing. Many develop curiosity and try to think of the logic behind everything.  This improves your analytical skills and drives you to become more intellectual.

6. Lawyers and Business:

Bankers know the business. Lawyers know more business.


It’s fairly obvious.  Lawyers are so well-versed in the rules and regulations that govern businesses, including all tax matters.  They can excel and protect their business at the same time.  They can even save on costly expenditures by not having to hire others and doing the work themselves.  Lawyers often study tax law prior to becoming a lawyer.  Essentially, the lawyer has the complete package when starting their own business.

7. No Retirement Required:

Retiring may sound like a good idea at some point but is it?  Playing golf on Sundays seems like a good deal but can you play it every day? Can you leave the intellectual stimulation of being a lawyer and live a life of full-time leisure?

If that is your lifelong dream, you can, but if it isn't then here’s some good news for you. There is no requirement to retire when you are a lawyer.  You can go to the Courtroom as much and as long as you wish.  I’ve seen lawyers in their 80’s practicing law and they were sharp as ever.  I knew one assault lawyer who was almost 90 when we did a jury trial together.  He was brilliant!

It just goes to show you that the profession of law offers many advantages over other professions and there really is no end to it.  I certainly enjoy being a criminal defense lawyer and look forward to being very aged before I throw in the towel.

Let us know in the comments below what is your reason for wanting to become a lawyer?

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