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Top Three Best Criminal Lawyer Mississauga | Virk Barristers
Monday, Jul 25, 2022

The Best Criminal Lawyers In Canada Are The Ones That Offer The Best Legal Services For Their Clients And Work To Ensure That Their Money Is Well Spent. This Happens When They Offer A Variety Of Services That Are Necessary For The Representation You Need. While Some Criminal Defense Lawyers Might Specialize In One Field Of Law, Others Have Experience With A Variety Of Cases That Allows Them To Efficiently Provide The Best Defense For Their Client's Specific Circumstances. The Following Is A List Of The Top Five Best Criminal Lawyers In Canada.

How to know if you’ve hired the best lawyer


You should look for an attorney with a wide range of experience when filing any kind of personal injury claim; this is in your best interest. That implies it may be crucial to consider a lawyer's "fully rounded" history in addition to how long they have been in practice. 

For example, there a few questions you might consider asking yourself (or determining during the traditionally free consultation phase), including:

Did the lawyer just pass the Bar Exam and start a boutique firm or does he or she have some experience working at an established firm alongside veteran attorneys?

Has the attorney always been practicing this area of law, or did they just switch to a new focus (and, if so, why)?

If the attorney has always practiced a specific area of law like personal injury, how much experience do they have with the various subsets (car accident, dog bite, etc.)?

How much experience does the attorney have handling your specific type of claim (i.e. if it’s a car accident, how many cases have they successfully closed)?


This pretty much speaks for itself, but a few concrete outcomes that are frequently simple to ascertain and that you could want to take into account are as follows:

  • The "win percentage" or win/loss record of a lawyer

  • The total amount of damages a lawyer has successfully won for clients through judgments or settlements

  • The length of time it took to obtain the entire damages amount and the number of years the attorney had a winning or losing track record (e.g., $10 million over 50 years is not nearly as significant as $100 million over 20 years).

Successful Trails

If a possible legal candidate takes cases to trial, it is a crucial query you may want to think about asking them. Unbelievably, a sizable portion of attorneys lack trial or courtroom experience. In some cases, that can entail that, rather than going to trial, your case might need to be dropped or closed if, for example, your automobile accident claim isn't settled. Depending on the statute of limitations, you may need to start the lawyer search process all over again and your claim may be in peril.

Ask a prospective lawyer if they have any trial experience before hiring them. If a settlement cannot be made with the at-fault party or their insurance company, be sure to find out if they are prepared and willing to take your case to trial.


A prospective lawyer should be completely upfront and truthful with you about everything, including their qualifications, the likely length of time it will take for your case to be resolved, the projected total worth of your claim, and, of course, the fees they will charge if your case is successful.

Your claim won't be worth a million dollars if you were involved in a car accident but only had a small injury and a few thousand dollars in medical expenses (and an attorney should tell you as much). However, if an attorney tells you to expect to receive a settlement amount that is significantly less than the total of your expenses and losses as a result of the collision and you have been seriously injured due to another party's negligence, run for the hills and find a trustworthy representative.


A lawyer's integrity can be shown in a number of ways, such as their willingness to reveal a potential conflict of interest (and respectfully decline your case as a result) or even let you know when they may have made a mistake or provided you with inaccurate or possibly unclear information.


Integrity and objectivity go hand in hand, and an impartial lawyer will be more likely to act in your best interests. It's crucial to make sure your potential candidate maintains objectivity from the initial consultation to the courtroom since any kind of bias or conflict of interest should automatically prohibit an attorney from accepting a case.


You probably want your attorney to be enthusiastic and upbeat about the likelihood of your case succeeding. However, it's crucial to take into account if that optimism is grounded in truth or whether the attorney may be a little enthusiastic. An attorney who is cautiously hopeful about a case is typically a sign that you've discovered someone who realizes there are no certainties, even though they will do everything in their ability to assist ensure your case is successful. It's crucial that both clients and the attorneys representing them follow that rule.


Creativity and the capacity to think "beyond the box" are key components of being an accomplished lawyer. Can your potential lawyer come up with some feasible tactics that would offer you a fighting chance if you're positive your injury was caused by someone else's negligence but the case might be challenging to prove? Do they want to talk with you about different ways you might be able to support your claim? This frequently also involves an attorney's experience, as those who have handled a variety of claim types are probably better able to come up with novel and effective defences.


Effective communication is a skill that a successful lawyer possesses, both during depositions and while going through case specifics with clients. As a result, a victim of personal injury should look for a lawyer who can explain why they are the best option. A smart lawyer also communicates frequently with his or her clients. During a free consultation, you might want to think about asking a prospective lawyer the following communication-related queries:

  • Will I be able to communicate with you directly?

  • How long will it take to hear back if I have a question?

  • Will I be charged an hourly fee for having a follow-up call or email?

  • Will I receive regular updates on my case?

Mississauga Is A Growing City In Ontario. It Is A Very Affluent Part Of The Province That Has Been On The Rise For Many Years Now. There Are Many High Paying Jobs Available Here, This Has Caused Many People To Migrate Towards Living In Mississauga And Settle Down. The Population Continues To Grow Every Day And So Does The Need For Quality Services And Products. There Are Many Lawyers, Who Offer Their Services In Mississauga But They Do Not Really Fit Your Needs? Here Are The Top Three Best Criminal Defense Lawyers In Canada Who Have Made A Lasting Impression On Society Through Their Hard Work And Dedication.

Marie Henein

Marie Henein Is A Canadian Criminal Defense Lawyer Born In 1966. She Is A Partner In The Toronto Legal Firm Henein Hutchison Llp.


Senior Partner Marie Henein Works For Henein Hutchison Llp, Which Canadian Lawyer Named One Of The Top Ten Litigation Boutiques In The Nation. She Was Ranked As Toronto's 15th Most Powerful Person By Toronto Life, Listed Among The Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers By Canadian Lawyer On Numerous Occasions, Named Lawyer Of The Year By Best Lawyers In 2019 For Criminal Defense, And Honoured With The Law Society Of Ontario's Laura Legge Award And Medal. Marie Served As The Advocates' Society's Previous President.

She Served As A Member Of The Law Commission Of Ontario's Board Of Directors And Is A Fellow Of The American College Of Trial Lawyers. She Was One Of The Architects Of The Appellate Duty Counsel Programme At The Court Of Appeal. Nothing But The Truth, A Best-Selling Memoir By Marie, Was Written. She Has Written For The Globe And Mail, Appeared In Interviews On Cbc's The National And The Current, And Is In Demand As A Speaker.

Reference Cases

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Early Career

Lebanese Maronite Parents Gave Birth To Henein In Cairo, Egypt. Joseph Henein, Her Father, Was A Pharmacist. When Marie Was Four Years Old, The Family Ultimately Settled In Toronto After Briefly Relocating To Vancouver And Lebanon. She Was A Student At St. Joseph's Catholic Secondary School In Morrow Park.


Henein Went To Osgoode Hall Law School And Earned A Bachelor Of Laws (Ll.B.) There. Henein Completed An Internship With Renowned Criminal Defense Lawyer Edward Greenspan After Graduating. She Continued Her Education At Columbia Law School, Where She Earned Her Master Of Laws (Ll.M.) In 1991. In 1992, Henein Received His Bar Admission.

Legal Career

After Working With Marc Rosenberg, Edward Greenspan's Partner, She Was Later Rehired By His Company. In 1998, She Was Finally Made A Partner In The Company. Henein Resigned In 2002 To Launch Henein And Associates. After Former Crown Lawyer Scott Hutchison Joined The Firm As A Named Partner, The Company Later Changed Its Name To Henein Hutchison Llp.

Henein Has Established Herself As One Of The Most "Renowned And Feared Criminal Lawyers In The Country" In Toronto. She Was Referred To As The "Most Prominent Criminal Defense Lawyer In The Nation" By The National Post.  She Was Designated One Of The "Top 25 Most Influential" Lawyers In Canada By Canadian Lawyer Magazine In 2011. The Publication Noted That She Was "One Of The Most Sought-After Criminal Lawyers In The Country" And "A Crucial Go-To Lawyer For High-Profile Accused In Toronto." 

Recently Published Book

Nothing But The Truth: Nothing But The Truth Is A Candid, No-Holds-Barred Memoir By Marie Henein, Canada's Top Defence Lawyer. It Combines Her Personal Narrative With Her Fervent Opinions On Today's Most Important Social Concerns, Both Legal And Non-Legal.

The Most Sought-After Lawyer In The Nation, Marie Henein, Has Produced A Book Called Nothing But The Truth That Is At Once Honest, Lovely, And Completely Unforgettable. Her Experience As An Immigrant From A Close-Knit Egyptian-Lebanese Family Illustrates The Importance Of Having Positive Role Models, Including Her Mother, Grandmother, And Her Intelligent Uncle Sami, Who Passed Away From Aids. She Discovered The Importance Of Working Hard, Staying Honest To Oneself And Others, And Taking Full Responsibility For Everything.

Here, Marie Henein Offers Her Frank Opinion On The Moral And Practical Ramifications Of Practising Criminal Law, As Well As How The Field Is Misunderstood And Occasionally Maligned. Ironically, Her Most Famous Cases Turned Her Into A "Lightning Rod" In Some Circles, Supporting Her Assertion That Social Media And Popular Culture, Rather Than The Rule Of Law, Are The Main Sources Of The Public's Knowledge Of The Justice System. Marie Doubles Down On Being Even More Highly Visible And Opinionated As She Deconstructs, Among Other Things, The Otherness Of The Immigrant Experience (Where Are You Really From? ), The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Household Name In This Country, Opening Her Own Boutique Law Firm, And The Likes Of Martha Stewart And Her Commoditization Of Previously Unpaid Female Labour. Marie Turns 50 And Struggles With The Damaging Effect Of Becoming Invisible On Women. Nothing But The Truth Is A Woman At The Top Of Her Game In A Male-Dominated World, Refreshingly Unrestrained And Unexpected.

Notable Cases

Henein Defended Former Premier Of Nova Scotia Gerald Regan Against Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct In 1998 Alongside Greenspan. Regan's Appeal Was Rejected By The Supreme Court Of Canada, But He Was Finally Exonerated Of All Charges.

Henein Defended Daniel Weiz, One Of The Young Men Accused In The 1999 Beating Death Of Toronto Youngster Dmitri Baranovski, In Her First Case In Her Practice. Weiz Was Cleared Of All Allegations. 

When David Frost, A Hockey Agent, Was Accused Of Sexual Exploitation In 2008, Henein Defended Him. Frost Was Found Not Guilty.

Henein Defended Marvin Sazant, A Toronto Psychiatrist Accused Of Regularly Forced Sex On Multiple Young Boys While Tying Them Up. Sazant's License Was Terminated In 2009 By The College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario, "Concluding That In Three Of The Four Cases, The Claims Had Been Proven."

Brian Greenspan

Canadian Lawyer Brian H. Greenspan Was Born On March 14, 1947, In Niagara Falls, Ontario. He Is A Renowned And Well-Respected Defense Lawyer In Canada.

In 2012, Brian Greenspan Received An Honorary Doctorate From The Law Society Of Upper Canada In Recognition Of His "Skill And Dedication To The Profession Of Law" That Have Helped Him Become "One Of Canada's Most Highly Regarded Trial And Appellate Lawyers."

Greenspan Encapsulated The Significance Of The Day In His Speech To Those In Attendance At The 2012 Call To The Bar In Toronto:

“The Concept That You Have Been Called To The Bar Conveys A Sense Of Mission — A Dedication To The Public Good Accompanied By Conviction And Principle."

Greenspan Has Maintained A Similar Passion For And Commitment To The University Of Toronto Since His Student Days At University College, For Which He Was Recognized With The Arbor Award In 2010. He Founded And Continues To Support The Joseph H. Greenspan Memorial Award, Named For His Father, At The Faculty Of Law. He Has Also Served On The President’s International Advisory Council.

Greenspan, A Partner In The Toronto Law Firm Greenspan, Humphrey, Lavine, Received His Ba From U Of T In 1968 And His Llb From Osgoode Hall Law School In 1971. He Was Awarded The Laidlaw Foundation Fellowship, Received His Llm From The London School Of Economics In 1972 And Was Called To The Ontario Bar In 1974.

Greenspan Taught At Osgoode From 1977 To 1984 And Was A Special Lecturer In Criminal Law At U Of T’s Faculty Of Law From 1984 To 1998. He Is A Frequent Lecturer And Panellist At Continuing Legal Education Programs Across Canada. He Was Awarded The 2002 Douglas K. Laidlaw Medal In Recognition Of His Excellence In Oral Advocacy And In 2010 Received The G. Arthur Martin Medal For His Contribution To Criminal Justice In Canada. He Is Past President Of The Criminal Lawyers Association And The Founding Chair Of The Canadian Council Of Criminal Defence Lawyers.

A 2004 Article In The Globe And Mail Noted That Greenspan Can Often Be Found Watching The Toronto Blue Jays From His Seat On The First-Base Line, “But That His Favourite Pastime Remains The Law.”


One Of Canada's Most Well-Known And Esteemed Defence Attorneys Is Brian Greenspan. Over The Past 45 Years, He Has Acted As Counsel In Many Of Canada's Most Important Cases That Have Influenced Criminal Law. His Reputation In Trial And Appellate Law Is Unmatched And Illustrious.

As A Fellow Of The American College Of Trial Lawyers, The International Society Of Barristers, And Litigation Counsel Of America, Brian Is In High Demand For His Wise Counsel Regarding International Cross-Border And Governmental Investigations, Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance, Criminal Trial And Appellate Advocacy.

Since The Publications' Launch In 2003, Brian Has Received Honours From His Peers In The International Who's Who Of Business Crime Defence Lawyers And Best Lawyers In Canada. Since Chambers Canada's First Edition In 2016, He Has Been Recognised As A "Band 1 Leading Individual" In The Field Of White Collar Crime, And In 2020, He Was Presented With The Chambers Canada Lifetime Achievement Award. He Was Recognised By Canadian Lawyer As One Of The 25 Most Influential Lawyers In Canada In 2010, 2013, And 2018.

He Was Awarded The G. Arthur Martin Medal For Achievements To Canadian Criminal Justice In 2010 And The Douglas K. Laidlaw Medal For Excellence In Oral Advocacy In 2002. The Law Society Of Upper Canada Awarded Brian An Honorary Doctor Of Laws Degree In 2012. He Received The Alumni Gold Key From Osgoode Hall Law School For His Accomplishments In 2013, Was Named One Of University College At The University Of Toronto's Alumni Of Influence, And Was Given The Key To The City Of Niagara Falls, Ontario. The Toronto Lawyers' Association Awarded Him With Its Award Of Distinction In 2020.

From 1989 To 1993, Brian Served As The Criminal Lawyers Association Of Ontario's President. From 1992 To 1996, He Served As The Organization's Founding Chair. He Is On The Board Of Directors Of The Innocence Canada Foundation And The Supreme Court Advocacy Institute's Ontario Regional Committee.

In 1968, Brian Graduated From The University Of Toronto With A B.A., And In 1971, Osgoode Hall Law School Awarded Him An Ll.B. His Ll.M. At The London School Of Economics, Where He Was Given The Laidlaw Foundation Fellowship, Was Earned In 1972. In 1974, He Received His Bar Admission. He Served As A Special Lecturer In Criminal Law At The Faculty Of Law, University Of Toronto Law School, For Fourteen Years, And He Taught The Administration Of Criminal Justice For Seven Years At Osgoode Hall Law School. He Has Given Numerous Lectures As A Keynote Speaker And Panellist At Law Schools And Continuing Legal Education Programmes Across Canada. Most Recently, He Held The Milvain Chair In Advocacy At The University Of Calgary In 2020 After Serving As The Bora Laskin Distinguished Lecturer At The Faculty Of Law, Lakehead University, In 2018.


Greenspan Graduated From The University Of Toronto With A B.A. In 1968 And The Osgoode Hall Law School With An Ll.B. In 1971. In 1972, He Graduated With An Ll.M. From The London School Of Economics. In 1974, He Received His Bar Admission. He Was A Special Lecturer In Criminal Law At The Faculty Of Law, University Of Toronto Law School, From 1984 To 1998, And He Taught The Administration Of Criminal Justice At Osgoode Hall Law School From 1977 To 1984.

In The Toronto Law Firm Greenspan, Humphrey, Weinstein, Greenspan Is A Senior Partner. He Is The Brother Of Rosann Greenspan, The Former Executive Director Of The Center For Law And Society At The University Of California, Berkeley, And The Late Edward Greenspan, A Well-Known Canadian Lawyer. Married To Marla Berger, Greenspan Has Two Children, Jared And Jenna, And Four Grandchildren, Lucy, Greta, Sam, And Oliver.

In Addition To Serving As The Founding Chair Of The Canadian Council Of Criminal Defence Lawyers From 1992 To 1996, Greenspan Served As The President Of The Criminal Lawyers' Association (Ontario) From 1989 To 1993. Greenspan Is A Member Of Litigation Counsel Of America, The International Society Of Barristers, And The American College Of Trial Lawyers. He Earned The G. Arthur Martin Medal For Achievements In Canadian Criminal Justice In 2010[8] As Well As The Douglas K. Laidlaw Medal For Excellence In Oral Advocacy In 2002. The Law Society Of Upper Canada Awarded Him An Honorary Doctor Of Laws Degree In 2012 In Recognition Of His Achievements.

He Got The "Key To The City" Of Niagara Falls, Ontario, The Alumni Gold Key For Achievement From Osgoode Hall, And He Was Chosen As An "Alumni Of Influence" By The University College Of The University Of Toronto In 2013.   Greenspan Earned The Award Of Distinction From The Toronto Lawyers Association In 2020, Held The Milvain Chair In Advocacy At The University Of Calgary Faculty Of Law, And Was Honored With The Lifetime Achievement Award From Chambers Canada. Greenspan Is A Director On Innocence Canada's Board Of Directors.

Greenspan Is A Band 1 Top Individual In White Collar Crime In Chambers Canada And Has Been Listed In The International Who's Who Of Business Crime Lawyers And The Best Lawyers In Canada Since Their Establishment. He Has Three Times Been Listed By Canadian Lawyer Magazine As One Of The 25 Most Influential Lawyers In Canada.

Notable Clients

Greenspan's Clients Include:

  • Alan Eagleson, Hockey Agent, Founder Of Nhl Players' Association

  • Naomi Campbell, Model, United States Of America.

  • Myron Gottleib , Co-Founder And President Of Livent, Theater Production Company In Canada.       

  • Cathy Smith, Accused In The Death Of John Belushi

  • Rob Ramage, Hockey Player Charged With Causing The Death Of Keith Magnuson While Driving Intoxicated.

  • Omar Khadr, Accused Of War Crimes And Terrorism  (On Behalf Of The Criminal Lawyers' Association)

  • Armor Pharmaceutical Company  Acquitted Of Providing Contaminated Hemophilia Blood Products

  • Andrew Rankin, Investment Banker, Acquitted Of Insider Trading, Convicted Of Stock Tipping

  • Douglas Dunsmuir Ceo Of Royal Group Technologies, Acquitted Of Fraud

  • George Doodnaught, Anesthetist Charged With Sexual Assault

  • Nancy Morrison, Palliative Care Physician, Acquitted Of Murder

  • Justin Bieber, Singer

  • Greg Logan, Former Mountie Convicted Of Smuggling Narwhal  Tusks

  • Marco Muzzo, Convicted Of Killing Three Young Children And Their Grandfather In A Car Crash While Driving Drunk

  • Thomas Baker, Lawyer And Former Ceo Of 7-Up Canada Acquitted Of Tax Evasion

  • Mike Dasilva, Acquitted Of The Murder Of Canadian Boxing Champion Eddie Melo Robert Waxman, Director Of Philip's Services Corp.

  • Boaz Manor, Ceo Of Portus International

  • Philip Morris International, Investigation Into Contraband Tobacco In Canada

  • Bernard Sherman's Family.

  • Abul Hasan Chowdhury, Acquitted From The $1.2 Billion Dollar Padma Bridge Graft Scandal. 

  • Keith Hobbs, Mayor Of Thunder Bay 

  • Dan Potter, Ceo Of Knowledge House 

  • Shaun Pennell, Father Who Got An Absolute Discharge After Forgetting About His Three-Year-Old Son In His Hot Car For Seven Hours. The Child Died.

  • Kevin O'leary's Family.

  • David Sharpe, Disgraced Former Ceo Of Bridging Finance.


Recently Published Book

More Tough Crimes: More Tough Crimes, The Third Volume In The Durvile True Cases Series, Was Edited By William Trudell And Lorene Shyba. More Tough Crimes Offers A Distinctive Glimpse Into The Realm Of Canadian Criminal Justice, Much Like The Other Volumes In The Series. These Cases Qualify As "Difficult Crimes'' Due To The Emotional Toll They Take On The Judges And Attorneys Involved. Although The Majority Of The Examples In The Book Are Recent, Several From The Past Were So Shocking That Even Decades Later, People Are Still Thinking About Them.

Edward Greenspan

One Of Canada's Most Well-Known Defense Lawyers And A Prolific Author Of Legal Books Was Edward Leonard Greenspan, Qc (February 28, 1944 – December 24, 2014). [3] His Notoriety Was Attributable To Several Well-Known Clients And To His Widespread Exposure On The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio Program The Scales Of Justice (1982–94), Which Later Became A Cbc Television Program.


Graduate Of University College Toronto (1965) And Osgoode Hall Legal School (1968), Greenspan Served As The Senior Partner Of The Toronto Law Firm Greenspan Partners Llp And Was Admitted To The Ontario Bar In 1970. He Served As The Canadian Civil Liberties Association's Vice President. He Was A Senior Fellow At Massey College At The University Of Toronto And A Member Of The Quadrangle Society. In 1982, Greenspan Was Appointed A Queen's Counsel. He Received His Induction Into The American College Of Trial Lawyers In Boston, Massachusetts, In 1991.

Honorary Degrees And Awards Were Given To Greenspan For His Efforts As A Criminal Defense Lawyer. His Honorary Doctorate Of Laws Was Conferred Upon Him By The Law Society Of Upper Canada In 1999.  In 2001, He Received The G. Arthur Martin Medal. In 2002, Assumption University, Brock University, And The University Of Windsor All Awarded Him A Doctorate In Civil Law. In 2009, He Received The Advocates' Society Medal As Well As The Law Society Medal, The Highest Honor Given To An Ontario Lawyer.

Greenspan, A Canadian Jew, Was A Strong Advocate For Israel And Related Causes. He And Fellow Toronto Lawyer David C. Nathanson Argued For The Need For The Canada Customs And Revenue Agency To Recognize The Magen David Adom As A Nonprofit Organization In An Editorial Piece That Was Published In The National Post On October 10, 2002.

The Death Penalty Was Strongly Opposed By Greenspan. Greenspan Put His Practice On Hold For Three Months In 1986 When The Canadian House Of Commons Was Discussing A Plan To Bring Back The Death Penalty. He Used That Time To Travel The Nation And Discuss The Proposal In Every Forum He Could Find. The Suggestion Was Ultimately Rejected. He Successfully Fought And Won A Case At The Supreme Court Of Canada In 2001 That Forbade Canadians From Being Extradited To Foreign Countries Where They Would Be Subject To The Death Penalty.

Several Of Canada's Most Renowned Lawyers Were Partners With Greenspan. Michael Moldaver, A Judge Of The Supreme Court Of Canada, Marc Rosenberg, Marie Henein, And Todd B. White Are Some Of Greenspan's Previous Partners. When Pressed To Reveal His Fee, He Advised The Reporter To "Be Charged With A Criminal Offense, Come To My Office And I'll Be Pleased To Talk To You." As Of 1986, He Was Said To Have Charged $1.1 Million For One Murder Case. Greenspan Was A Vocal Opponent Of Stephen Harper's Criminal Justice Reforms, Voicing His Views In Articles Published In 2012 And 2013 By The Walrus And The Globe And Mail, Respectively.

He Was Brian Greenspan's Brother, A Lawyer From Canada As Well. At The University Of California, Berkeley, Sister Rosann Greenspan Serves As Executive Director Of The Center For The Study Of Law And Society.

A Criminal Mind, A Documentary Directed By Barry Avrich, Was About Him.


  • Greenspan, The Case For The Defence. Autobiography, Co-Written With George Jonas.

  • The Canadian Charter Of Rights Canada Law Book, 1982-

  • Counsel For The Defence: The Bernard Cohn Memorial Lectures In Criminal Law Irwin Law, 2005.

  • The Criminal Procedure And Practice. Toronto: Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, 1976- (Many Later Editions).

  • The Dubin Lectures On Advocacy, 1998-2002. Canada Law Book, 2004.

  • Martin's Annual Criminal Code. Toronto: Canada Law Book, [1955] (Editor Since 1978)

  • Martin's Related Statutes (Editor Since 1980)

  • Perspectives In Criminal Law: Essays In Honour Of John L. J. Edwards, Edited By Anthony N. Doob And Edward L. Greenspan. Canada Law Book, 1985.


  • Justice Leonard Pace, Nova Scotia Court Of Appeal Judge, When The Justice Was Called Before A Panel Of The Canadian Judicial Council

  • Roland J. Thornhill, Former Deputy Premier Of Nova Scotia: Three Charges Of Forgery Dismissed, 1991

  • Gerald Regan, Former Premier Of Nova Scotia, Acquitted On 9 Sex-Related Charges, 1995 1998 Trial

  • Daniel Bailey, Soccer Player (Acquitted)

  • Conrad Black (Convicted)

  • Helmuth Buxbaum (1984-1985 Convicted)

  • Peter Demeter, At Whose Trial Greenspan Made His Name As Junior Counsel (Convicted)

  • Garth Drabinsky, Toronto Impresario (Client Was Convicted)

  • Marc Stuart Dreier, Prominent New York Lawyer Charged With Hedge-Funds Related Fraud In Canada (Client Went To U.S. Voluntarily And Was Tried There With U.S. Counsel)

  • Gerard Filion, Past Editor Of Le Devoir And Chairman Of The Board Of Marine Industries, Charged With Bid Rigging (Acquitted)

  • Robert Latimer, Saskatchewan Farmer Who Killed His Disabled Daughter (Argued Appeal In The Supreme Court Of Canada)

  • Gary Payton, Sam Cassell, With The Milwaukee Bucks, Charged With Assault Causing Bodily Harm (Acquitted)

  • P. Reign, Rapper Charged With Gun Possession Charges In Toronto (Client Was Acquitted)

  • Wolodumir "Walter" Stadnick, President Of Hells Angels Canada (Convicted).[29]

  • Karlheinz Schreiber, German Financier (Extradition Matter)

  • Stephen Williams, Author Of A Book On Paul Bernardo (Acquitted)


Julianna A. Greenspan, The Father's Daughter, Is A Partner With Greenspan Partners Llp. In 2007, She Became A Partner After Joining The Company In 2002. Prior To Moving Back To Canada, Greenspan Worked In Chicago For Genson And Gillespie And The Cook County Public Defenders Office. She Attended Georgetown University For Her Undergraduate Studies And Northwestern University School Of Law For Her Legal Education. Julianna Gave Her Father's Eulogy. 

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