Punishment for Street Crimes in Canada

Punishment for Street Crimes in Canada
Thursday, Apr 07, 2022
Suny Virk

Canada is one of the countries that has a very low crime rate. The Federal parliament has the power to establish rules of investigation and criminal law. On top of that, the crime rate in Canada has been on a decline since the 1990s, according to the VCSI and the CSI index. In fact, in 2014 it ended up being at an all-time low. But the truth is that even in Canada you can encounter a variety of crimes, and some of the most common ones are street crimes.

What are street crimes?

Street crimes can be defined as those crimes that are taking place in a public location. Some say that street crimes in Canada are actually white collar crimes. But there is a difference between them. Street crimes are taking place in public areas, and it’s also very violent. A white collar crime is non-violent, and it’s usually conducted by private industries. Generally, the purpose is to bring financial gain into the mix.

What type of street crimes can you find?

Mugging, pickpocketing, graffiti creation, prostitution, and pickpocketing are examples of street crimes. The same can be said about assaults, vandalism of public properties or private properties, and so on. Even stealing hubcaps from a car can be considered a street crime.

More often than not, street crimes in Canada are conducted by people that want some sort of financial gain. It’s also possible to be carried by a group focused on profiting from something.

Which regions have the highest crime severity index?

The crime severity index varies from one region to another in Canada. But the thing to keep in mind here is that this CSI is taking into account the crime volume, but also the overall seriousness of the crime as well. The highest crime severity index in Canada is actually in the Northwest Territories and also in Nunavut and the Yukon. Regions like Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia also have a fairly high crime severity index.

Conversely, we have Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and also Nova Scotia. These regions tend to have a lower crime severity index when compared to the other areas, which is something to keep in mind particularly if you are planning to move to a new community.

What punishment will you receive based on the street crime that was committed? 

First, we have the street crime of mugging which in its formal vocabulary is robbery. If you commit robbery, there is a good chance that a jail sentence is being considered.  Obviously, each offender’s circumstances must be taken into consideration.    With enough mitigating factors, it’s also very possible to keep an accused person on a robbery charge, out of jail.

If you are caught stealing from someone or pickpocketing, then you can generally expect to receive a fine or a suspended sentence but again, the case could be diverted out of the criminal justice system or save you from a criminal record.  With graffiti, a similar approach is used however it is likely that the offender will need to pay for the graffiti to be removed.

If you’re a first time simple assault offender and there are no injuries, you most likely won’t receive any jail time. Depending on the type of assault charged, the severity of the facts and the victim’s injuries will govern the likelihood of a jail sentence. 

Vandalizing anything is also something that will not go unpunished. This offence is more formally described as mischief to property that can be over or under $5,000.00.  Restitution for the property damaged will be a key consideration when considering punishment.  Often, if the property is replaced or paid for and the offender takes some steps towards rehabilitation, jail and even a criminal record can be avoided.

Should you hire a legal expert if you are dealing with a street crime trial? 

Having legal representation is crucial when it comes to dealing with such a situation. You never really know how issues can arise and how any type of trial can end up being when it comes to street crimes. As you can see, some of these punishments are very serious, so this is not something you want to take lightly. That’s why we recommend taking your time and finding the right legal representation that suits your needs. Doing that will eliminate a lot of potential issues, and also ensure that you obtain the very best results out there.

At the end of the day, street crimes can still have serious consequences. While some of them just bring in a few fines, others can end up putting the person in jail for multiple years. As we mentioned above, having a legal representative that can help you with any street crimes in Canada is a very good idea. This way you can avoid any problems and ensure that you deal with all those issues in no time. It’s not always going to be easy, but in the end, it all comes down to tackling the situation properly and doing the right thing!

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