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Best Defense Criminal Lawyer Mississauga | Virk Barristers
Monday, Jul 04, 2022

Do you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer? Most people will say yes. You see, you might not be in jail but if it's not your fault you might still be facing charges. It's up to you whether you want to fight the charges or just plea bargain. There are several factors in determining how much a criminal lawyer costs so I'm going to give my opinion on this subject so that hopefully you can make an informed decision before choosing one.

Criminal attorneys, also referred to as criminal defense attorneys and public defenders, work to defend people, groups, and other entities who have been accused of committing a crime. Criminal defence attorneys deal with a broad range of criminal cases, including DUI, theft, embezzlement, and fraud as well as domestic violence, sex, violent, and drug offences.

With the rising crime rate in our city, Mississauga has become a hub for nefarious activities. A criminal lawyer could be of help in such situations. Some might be wondering what a criminal lawyer does? How much does it cost to hire one? And how much does he or she make per year? Well, this blog will answer all those questions!

The criminal law is a complicated and specialized area of the law. The defense of an accused person charged with a crime is the responsibility of a private attorney. The criminal law considers such things as self-defense, duress, necessity, and qualified immunity. If you have been charged with any type of crime in Mississauga, Canada or anywhere else you will want to hire a criminal defense lawyer. A good criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid a conviction or at least reduce the severity of your punishment

How much does it cost to hire a Mississauga criminal defense lawyer?

Finding the right Mississauga criminal defense lawyer can be difficult. There are many factors that go into hiring one including: experience and training; experience with similar cases; fees; quality of service; communication skills; etc. However, most people do find their way to finding a good Mississauga criminal defense attorney through word-of-mouth referrals from friends or family members who have had positive experiences with their own attorneys.

A good Toronto Criminal Lawyer would charge between $200-$400 per hour depending on his/her experience with similar cases in the past and what he/she charges per hour. However charges may differ from case to case depending on its type.

Cost of DUI (Driving Under Influence)

Your age and whether you have a criminal history will determine how much it will cost to hire a Mississauga criminal defense attorney for a DUI (driving under the influence) arrest. The minimum fee is $1,000, although this can quickly increase to several thousand dollars if there are aggravating factors or if you engage a DUI lawyer. For a first violation, some lawyers could charge a flat fee of $2,000 to $3,000. The cost can vary depending on whether you want to go to trial with your lawyer or elect to plead guilty and pay a fine instead.

Cost of a Misdemeanor

You'll pay less to fight a minor charge than a felony charge. A criminal attorney in Mississauga typically costs between $1,500 and $2,000 for misdemeanor cases. However, there are several circumstances in which you might have to pay more. For instance, the cost will probably be higher if you choose a lawyer with experience handling that kind of case.

However, unless the case is weak or you are charged with several felonies, you should prepare to spend at least $1,000 for misdemeanors. Without engaging a counsel, you can save money by entering a guilty plea and paying a fine; however, if there are further charges, the penalty may be more severe. You can pay less for your criminal defense representation in Mississauga if you choose to hire a government employed criminal defense lawyer.

Cost for a Felony

Felony crimes and charges can vary greatly depending on how serious the alleged crime is. The starting fee for a criminal lawyer in Mississauga for felony charges is $2,000; however, if there is a solid case against you, the fee could reach several tens of thousands of dollars. Occasionally, charges of drug possession that result in lengthy prison terms could cost you $10,000 for the initial offense.

It's best to get a criminal attorney who has a lot of expertise handling cases similar to yours and who charges fair fees. There is no space for errors when you are facing felony accusations. If the attorney doesn't have experience with your particular issue, it might be worthwhile to negotiate legal rates. The cost might be reduced if you can find a Mississauga criminal attorney who will take cases on a contingency basis, but this is more common in civil cases involving medical malpractice or personal injury.

At least a few thousand dollars should be budgeted for each of the following defense stages:

  • Representation at the police station by a lawyer

  • Submitting legal documents to the court

  • Presenting a case in court

  • Appeals and post-conviction motions

  • During a grand jury investigation, representation

Violation of Probation

Your lawyer may not file new charges against you if you are already on probation. However, if the offense was particularly serious or if it was a subsequent offense, you would need to retain the services of a Mississauga criminal attorney to defend you. Whether a case is criminal or civil affects the cost of engaging a lawyer for probation violation. If it's illegal, you should prepare to pay between $1,500 and $2,000.

You might anticipate paying an attorney between $3,000 and $4,000 if the probation breach is regarded as a civil matter. Whether the violation was due to a serious offense or a minor infraction has a significant impact on the penalty. There is no need for legal representation in circumstances where the violation is just a result of a minor transgression, therefore think about hiring a different lawyer.

For misdemeanors, you should budget $1,000 to $2,000. As the seriousness of the criminal accusations in Mississauga rises, the price will definitely rise as well. It's a good idea to wait to seek legal representation until you have received a formal charge of a crime. Additionally, you should hold off on sending any cash until you and the lawyer have agreed on a fee arrangement.

Cost for Court Order/Warrant

If you disobey a court order in mississauga, you risk being arrested and charged with a crime. It will cost between $500 and $1,000 to hire a criminal attorney if this has happened and you require assistance. If the infraction is severe enough to warrant jail time, you should pay extra to your counsel. Your initial hearing will happen within 48 hours of your arrest if you are. At that initial court appearance, you should budget $1,000–$2,000.

After receiving a warrant for your arrest on more serious accusations, you may need to employ a criminal lawyer in Mississauga, which might cost more than $4,000. If you require legal counsel during grand jury hearings or an internal law enforcement inquiry, this cost may go up dramatically. It could be advisable to ask for the assistance of two attorneys rather than one if you are charged with many crimes and want separate counsel for each charge. A criminal defense lawyer in Mississauga with experience with cases as complex as yours should be able to provide you with more information.

When do Missisauga Criminal defense lawyers get paid?

Mississauga criminal defense attorneys only receive payment for successful cases. A portion of the money the court system is able to recoup from the defendant is what the lawyer is paid. Sometimes the total amount of money recovered can reach the hundreds of thousands or even million

Another source of income for criminal defense attorneys in Mississauga is if their client has won a lawsuit against a government agency and successfully sued them for damages.

It's crucial to think about your finances and if you can afford legal representation with exorbitant prices or drawn-out proceedings before selecting a criminal lawyer in Mississauga. Additionally, you should confirm that the lawyer you choose has knowledge of the particulars of your case as well as any associated legal formalities, such as post-conviction motions.

Factors that affect your cost

Complexity of your case

The cost of defending shoplifting cases is undoubtedly lower than defending murder cases in Misisauga Ontario, but case complexity can be a little more complex than that. Additionally, the costs of two impaired driving cases can vary greatly depending on whether one is resolved through a trial on a narrow and particular problem or whether it necessitates the testimony of numerous expert witnesses and a protracted trial.

Mode of trail

In more serious indictable matters, the accused has a choice between a Superior Court of Justice jury trial or a trial in the Ontario Court of Justice with or without a jury. Trials at the Superior Court, particularly jury trials, take longer and are therefore more expensive. These cases may also be preceded by an initial investigation, which raises the overall charge. Your Virk Barristers criminal attorney will go over the benefits and drawbacks of choosing your trial mode, as well as the significant financial repercussions that this decision has.

Experience of your lawyer

In more serious indictable matters, the accused has a choice between a Superior Court of Justice jury trial or a trial in the Ontario Court of Justice with or without a jury. Trials at the Superior Court, particularly jury trials, take longer and are therefore more expensive. These cases may also be preceded by an initial investigation, which raises the overall charge. Your Virk Barristerscriminal attorney will go over the benefits and drawbacks of choosing your trial mode, as well as the significant financial repercussions that this decision has.

Block Fees against hourly Fee

Fees for attorneys are normally determined in one of two ways. Most family and civil attorneys charge by the hour, calculating a rate that is billed out in tenths of an hour (six-minute increments). Real estate attorneys frequently charge on a block fee basis, offering a single sum for all services necessary to complete a particular transaction, such as buying a house.

Some criminal attorneys still charge by the hour, but block fees are more typical. At Virk Barristers, our criminal defense attorneys are willing to collaborate with you to determine the payment plan that best suits your needs. We discover that, in the majority of situations, this entails a block fee system, where you will be given a set price for the administration and preparation of your case, followed by further possible block fees for milestones like additional trial dates, bail hearings, or appeals. With the block fee, you have more certainty and can budget for your case's expenses much more easily. Additionally, it tends to match your interests with those of your attorney because you desire a swift and successful resolution of your case and your lawyer is properly incentivised to get you exactly what you want without billing extra hours.

The best situations for block billing are those with reasonably predictable timelines and milestone events. An hourly cost is the simplest technique to guarantee that you just pay for the services you require if your case is a bit more unique and might not suit a standard court procedure.

Retainer Fee

The majority of attorneys at Virk Barristers will need a deposit up front before they start working on your case. This sum is frequently referred to as a "retainer." If your lawyer is billing you on a block-fee basis, it will probably be computed as a percentage of the projected total block fee rather than covering an initial block of hours that are anticipated to be spent on your case under an hourly rate structure.

Why don't Virk Barristers do free Consultation?

The best things in life are never free!!

Whatever the cliché, Virk Barristerspartners do not frequently offer free consultations, despite the fact that this is a regular practice among some other lawyers in the field. We have found that offering free consultations significantly consumes the limited time of our senior attorneys, who would much rather be devoting their time to defending your case as a valued client. Nevertheless, we are aware that no one wants to spend thousands of dollars on such a significant choice before meeting with the attorney they would leave their freedom to. As a result, Virk Barristers has created a cutting-edge and distinctive method of billing for consultations.

For the initial client consultation, our attorneys charge a reasonable cost (about $400 + HST). In this appointment, we will go through any supporting documentation you may have, talk about the particulars of your case and your background, and make some preliminary plans for potential tactical defenses. This consultation typically lasts an hour, although it could go on longer without costing more. You will have the chance to ask any questions you may have after the meeting. You can opt to hire our attorney there and then or you can chose to think about this crucial choice further.

Following the initial consultation, if you want to retain a Virk Barristers attorney, 100 percent of the consultation fee will be deducted from the overall cost of representation. Therefore, if you decide to work with us, your consultation will essentially be free. If you decide to take a different path, all you have spent money on is a nominal fee to speak with a committed and knowledgeable professional about your case.

Tips on saving money when you hire from Virk Barristers

Hire Early

Many clients make the error of believing they can save money by doing the early court appearances on their own and only hiring a lawyer later, once they have received disclosure and completed their own crown pre-trial, after several months. Almost always, this is a horrible idea. There are few, if any, savings to managing some of your case oneself because Virk Barristers criminal attorneys often bill on a block-fee basis. Additionally, if you appear in court or make disclosure requests without the assistance of a lawyer, you might end up hurting your case more than helping it by causing delays that will be used against you in court or obtaining crown settlement positions that are less advantageous than what your lawyer could negotiate.

Wisely choose your mode of trial

Making judgments that save time often results in financial savings because legal fees are always, at least in part, based on the amount of time spent on your case. This implies that choosing to resolve your case through a negotiated plea generally results in lower expenses than taking your case to trial. Even if your case does require a trial, the Criminal Code gives you the option to choose where it will take place, and you can save a lot of money by choosing an Ontario Court of Justice or Superior Court of Justice trial without a jury. Similar to this, choosing to forego a preliminary investigation can speed up your case's progress and save you money.The advantages and disadvantages of selecting various trial strategies will always be discussed with you by a Virk Barristers attorney. Sometimes the less expensive alternative is still the better one from a strategic standpoint, making the choice simple. In other cases, opting to forego a preliminary investigation or jury trial could risk the outcome of your case. Our criminal defense attorneys will advise you of the benefits and drawbacks of the various trial options so that you can make an informed choice that strikes a balance between the demands of your case and your budget.

Payment Options

Some employers may pay back their workers' legal bills in full or in part, and in rare instances, they'll even foot the bill in situations that have nothing to do with their employment. As with health insurance, ask your employer if your benefits package includes "legal insurance," which can help pay for some or all of your legal expenses. If you are self-employed, talk to your accountant to determine whether your case can legitimately be covered by your corporation, potentially resulting in tax benefits that lower your overall cost.

Payment Plans

Legal costs can be high, and few people have the financial means to pay the whole amount of a future bill up front. Most attorneys are willing to work out fair payment schedules that aid in dividing the bigger charge into more manageable portions. In order to ensure that the entire amount is paid ahead of the anticipated conclusion of your case, these are often paid monthly and covered by post-dated cheques, regular installments, or pre-approved charges to your credit card. Any of our skilled criminal attorneys may set up a fair payment plan for your case, ensuring that you get the high-quality defense you require at a cost you can afford over time.

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A criminal record can seriously harm your future, especially if you're trying to get into college or get a job. It may be better to speak with a lawyer if you require legal assistance to remove a criminal record because they can expedite the procedure.

To discover more about how a Mississauga legal company may assist you in having your criminal record expunged, get in touch with us right away.

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