Drugs Charges

Drug offences can generally be classified into three categories: possession; possession for the purpose of trafficking; and trafficking. Types of drugs range from marijuana, dode, hashish, cocaine and heroine, to name a few. Each drug has been categorized in Schedules in the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, which is Canada’s federal drug control statute. The Federal Department of Justice generally prosecutes drug offences under the Act.

The severity of the charge depends on the type of drug that was involved. The trend in Canada has been to treat drug charges quite seriously since the use ad selling of drugs are considered to be a societal problem that can destroy lives. We work aggressively to insure that your rights are not breached or otherwise compromised at any point during the legal process. Most drug cases involve issues regarding the Charter of Rights & Freedoms. We will be able to identify any violation of rights that occurs during search and seizure, arrest, interrogation, the subsequent collection of evidence, or any other instance of rights violations.

We will dedicate large amounts of time and energy into your case in order to best protect and maximize your legal rights in a criminal defence case. We will also provide realistic and objective perspective about the anticipated course of legal proceedings and what can be expected during the case.

Defences Available

  • Possession – The Crown must establish that the drugs were in your possession or in your control.knowledge.
  • Type of Drug – the Crown must prove the drugs have been tested by an analyst and it was in fact a controlled drug.
  • Search Issues – Often there are grounds to argue, the police may have conducted an illegal search of your body, car or home.

We have all the experience, resource and tools required to provide you with the most effective legal defence, often not resulting in a criminal record. It is important to remember that every allegation of drug possession is a fact specific inquiry. Consulting a lawyer will assist you with identifying potential defences to this type of allegation.

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