5 Ways A Skilled Impaired Driving Lawyer Can Help You

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November 29, 2023
Suny Virk

The Criminal Code of Canada deals with operating vessels and motor vehicles while impaired. If you are charged and convicted under this offence, the implications can be quite severe! A skilled lawyer who handles such cases can provide a solid defence strategy against these charges. 

Familiarizing yourself with the Criminal Code and retaining local representation is crucial. Keep reading to explore various ways a skilled impaired driving lawyer can fight your charges for you. 

Note: DUI is a term commonly used to refer to Impaired Driving. It is incorrect to use the term DUI as the Canadian Criminal Code uses the term Impaired Driving for over 80 or excess blood alcohol.

5 Ways A Skilled Impaired Driving Lawyer Can Help You

A diagram of five ways an impaired driving lawyer can help

Here are five ways a skilled impaired driving lawyer can help your case:

1. Familiarity With Local Courts 

As a first-time offender, you will probably not be familiar with the court system. You might not feel comfortable dealing with the administrative tasks that a court may demand, let alone representing yourself in a hearing or trial. A skilled lawyer can be your knight in shining armor in such situations. 

Virk Barristers are familiar with the local courts and have years of experience with the local practices. This knowledge will be invaluable to assisting you in tackling your Impaired Driving case. 

2. Negotiating With Crown Prosecutors 

Impaired driving lawyers in Ontario have years of experience working and dealing with prosecutors each day. An exceptional lawyer will have the skills and experience necessary to negotiate with the prosecutor and, if needed, negotiate a plea bargain that can reduce the punishment of your charges. With a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in your corner, you can be sure that the process of navigating your Impaired Driving charge will be much smoother.

3. Advising Clients 

During a trial, the prosecution will often ask you questions that may be confusing, stress-inducing and if you don’t know any better, incriminating. Providing the wrong answers can have long-term consequences that will affect the outcome of your case. If you don’t have representation, you will not know the best ways to answer questions posed.

Instead, skilled impaired driving lawyers will brief you before your court date and provide you with tips on how you can answer difficult questions. They will also let you know when it is time to remain silent. In some situations, answering questions aimlessly can be a mistake which hurts your case – your lawyer will make sure this doesn’t happen.

4. Collecting Evidence 

In the case of an Impaired Driving charge, the police are responsible for collecting evidence of your alleged illegal conduct, such as the results of a breathalyzer test. Even while taking such a test, there are some rules that the police must adhere to for the evidence to be admissible. If the evidence has been improperly collected and presented, a criminal lawyer can poke holes in the strength of the prosecution’s argument and ultimately win the case.

A skilled impaired driving lawyer will make sure that the police have collected evidence in a proper manner. If there are any issues, then they can use this information to potentially have your charges dismissed. Such a result is only possible when you have trustworthy legal representation by your side. 

5. Following Up With Police Procedures 

A breathalyzer test is not the only thing that the police have to do correctly. Instead, they also have to follow strict rules during your arrest. Here are some rules they must adhere to while making an arrest:

  • Reading your Rights to Counsel 
  • Reading the demand for a breathalyzer test 
  • Obtaining the breath samples as soon as practicable 
  • Collecting all the evidence properly
  • Proper notetaking
  • Making sure that the arrested party understands everything they have been told during the arrest

You have to let your impaired driving lawyer know if any of these rules have not been followed. Your criminal lawyer will ensure that any improper or sloppy measures taken by the police will be accounted for and, ultimately, can raise a reasonable doubt as to your guilt.

Final Thoughts

Having the right impaired driving lawyer can completely change the outcome of your Impaired Driving charges. 

With years of experience and a track record of success, we are confident that we can assist you with your  Impaired Driving charges.

If you are facing an Impaired Driving charge, be sure to get in touch with us today.

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